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‘D.A. Bragg fires shot across the bow’: Prosecutor’s letter argues Trump broke gag order

The prosecutors in charge of Donald Trump’s criminal hush money case are arguing that, when “properly read,” the gag order already placed on the ex-president prohibits his recent attacks on the judge’s own civilian daughter.

Trump has already responded to the prosecutor’s letter, arguing that to “clarify” the gag order would actually expand it, and that doing so is inappropriate. But D.A. Alvin Bragg’s original filing, which cites Trump’s recent social media attacks on the judge’s daughter, wasn’t made public.

Now, it is openly available.

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Just Security’s Adam Klasfeld flagged the filing, saying, “Manhattan DA Bragg fires a shot across the bow, telling the judge that the ‘properly read’ gag order prohibits Trump from attacking the judge’s daughter.”

“He wants the judge to ‘warn’ Trump to stop, under threat of contempt sanctions,” he reported Friday.

Bragg’s now-public filing itself states that the court “should now clarify or confirm that the order protects family members of the court, the district attorney, and all other individuals mentioned in the order.”

“Such protection is amply warranted,” the letter states. “The People’s motion specifically referenced defendant’s threatening and alarming remarks about family members of trial participants—in this proceeding and others—and the harms that those family members suffered.”

MSNBC host and legal expert Katie Phang also highlighted the filing, saying, “The Manhattan DA’s Office files this pre-motion letter with Judge Juan Merchan seeking clarity that his gag order entered on March 26th against Donald Trump ‘protects family members of the Court, the District Attorney, & all other individuals mentioned in the Order.'”

“The DA’s Office cites in Footnote 1 Trump’s recent Truth Social posts that baselessly attack a family member of the Court,” the attorney added. “DA Bragg also seeks to have the Court warn Trump that his ‘recent conduct is contumacious’ and if he continues, he will be in direct violation of the Order.”

Read Bragg’s full filing here.

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