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Deadly Blow to ISIS: Turkey Takes Down ‘Caliph’ in Syria

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has announced that the leader of ISIS, Abu Hussein al-Qurashi, was allegedly killed in an operation carried out by Turkey’s National Intelligence Organization (MIT) in Syria. Al-Qurashi was the terrorist group’s fourth leader since November 2020. According to Erdogan, MIT agents had been tracking al-Qurashi “for a long time” and “neutralized” him on Saturday. The operation was reportedly carried out around 1 am on Saturday in a village near Jindires, about seven kilometers from the Turkish border.

The killing of ISIS ‘caliph’ Abu Hussein al-Qurashi is a significant development in the fight against terrorism in Syria. This is the third self-proclaimed “caliph” of ISIS to be eliminated in the past 15 months, a testament to the success of joint efforts by regional and international forces to combat terrorism.

Although Turkey’s anti-terrorism operations have focused largely on militant Kurdish groups, including the PKK, the Islamic State also has been a thorn in Ankara’s side, killing a combined 315 civilians in dozens of attacks.

This latest operation is a timely reminder of the ongoing threat of ISIS and the need for sustained efforts to combat terrorism in the region. The fact that the operation took place just two weeks before Turkey’s presidential election adds another layer of significance. President Erdogan is seeking re-election in a tight race against pro-Western opposition leader Kemal Kilicdaroglu. The success of this operation could bolster Erdogan’s campaign and highlight his government’s commitment to security and stability in the region.


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