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Democrats and Republicans oppose Gaetz’s measure to remove US troops from Syria.

Truth Puke’s take: The United States House of Representatives voted 103-321 on Wednesday to reject Matt Gaetz’ war powers proposal to withdraw US troops from Syria. Gaetz used accelerated processes authorized by the War Powers Act to compel a floor vote, but ultimately failed. Democrats from the House Progressive Caucus, Libertarians, and Republicans who support “America First” rallied behind Gaetz in an attempt to approve the resolution, but the bill garnered just one-third of the vote due to opposition from leaders in both parties. Gaetz was one of 56 Democrats and 47 Republicans who voted in favor of the measure, and the House is now debating Gaetz’s resolution to remove US troops. Both progressives and hardliners are expected to vote for it.

Matt Gaetz, a Florida congressman, argued that the United States should not withdraw from Syria due to the risk of intensifying the war and reminded House members of the countless American lives sacrificed in Middle Eastern conflicts. He argued that a premature withdrawal would endanger more American lives by allowing foreign terrorist organizations such as ISIS to grow. The 150 Democrats and 171 Republicans who voted against the measure underscored this point.

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