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Denver Sets Up ‘Host Migrants In Your Home’ Hotline

Denver Sets Up ‘Host Migrants In Your Home’ Hotline

Authored by Steve Watson via,

The Democrat run city of Denver is encouraging residents to host migrant families in their homes and has even set up a hotline so people can volunteer to take in illegals who have no where else to go.

FOX31 Denver reports that a charity calling itself ‘Hope Has No Borders’ “began pairing migrant workers and their families with hosts in Colorado in late 2023. Now, with help from the United Way, getting paired up is a simple phone call away by dialing 211.”

A news segment details how one resident happily took in a family of four migrants after seeing that they are camping out in airports and on the streets because all the shelters are full.

The woman, Erin Lennon, is “a single mom with a spare bedroom,” according to the report.

Not a rich liberal with an eight bedroom house then.

Imagine our shock.

The report notes that Lennon’s young son “was nervous at first about the idea of taking in strangers,” but she states “Some of the greatest things that, you know, that you do or have done, has been involved with some risk.”

As we previously highlighted, this kind of thing is happening in several cities nationwide.

Some people are treating it like it’s a way of getting a free servant:

The state of Michigan is even offering $500 per month to residents who agree to house illegal immigrants in their homes.

Whether people do or don’t invite the illegal immigrants in to their homes, they risk literal invasions via progressive squatting laws.

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