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DeSantis Labels The Conflict Between Russia And Ukraine A “Territorial Dispute”

TRUTH PUKE’S TAKE: This week, Ron DeSantis, the Republican governor of Florida, responded to a questionnaire by saying that protecting Ukraine from Russia’s year-long invasion shouldn’t be considered one of America’s “vital national interests.” He criticized President Biden for saying he would support Kyiv for however long necessary. While the U.S. has provided Ukraine with billions of dollars in aid to fight off Moscow’s troops, its actions in this conflict take attention away from more pressing matters facing our country. Rumors swirl that DeSantis may run for president in 2024!

Recently, the Biden administration pledged to send battle tanks to Kyiv; now there are calls for them to also send F-16 fighter jets. Florida Republican Ron DeSantis recently stated that F-16s and long-range missiles should be put “off the table,” as they could draw America into a conflict and bring us closer to nuclear war between two of the world’s top nuclear powers. He further charged that the Biden administration is pressuring Russia into “a de facto alliance” with China by deliberately letting their strategic petroleum reserve run out and endorsing the Green New Deal from the left. DeSantis also criticized a policy of “regime change” in Russia, which he said was popular among foreign policy interventionists in Washington, DC, but wasn’t the country’s position. He explained that attempts to remove Russian President Vladimir Putin from power would dramatically raise the stakes in this conflict and make the use of nuclear weapons more likely.

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