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DeSantis To China: Keep Your Hands Off Our Land

The relationship between the US and China has been fraught with tension in recent years, and the latest move by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is unlikely to improve matters. DeSantis has signed into law a measure banning Chinese citizens from purchasing land in Florida, with limited exceptions for US citizens of Chinese descent or permanent residents of the United States.

Florida Governor has justified the ban by claiming that the Chinese Communist Party is engaged in a concerted effort to acquire farmland throughout the United States and that China should not be allowed to be “in charge of any food production” due to the potential threat this poses to national security.

Some experts argue that it could further exacerbate tensions between the two countries. This move comes as relations between Washington and Beijing have been strained for some time due to the previous tariff war under the Trump administration and the recent creation of AUKUS, a military alliance opposing Chinese interests in Southeast Asia, under the Biden administration. The recent efforts by Washington to provide weapons to Taiwan have only made things worse.

It remains to be seen if the legislature will achieve its intended goals of preserving Florida’s food security and limiting Chinese influence in the state.


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