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Diplomat Threatens To ‘Kick The Sh*t’ Out Of Biden For Allegedly Playing Grab Ass 🫱🍑 With His Wife

In a startling revelation, former US Senator and diplomat Scott Brown has come forward with a troubling encounter involving then-Vice President Joe Biden. Brown recently shared on the Burn Barrel podcast that during his swearing-in as a newly elected Republican Senator, Biden engaged in inappropriate behavior by touching Brown’s wife. Brown candidly admitted that he confronted Biden, even threatening to “kick the sh*t” out of him if he didn’t stop.

Brown’s account sheds light on Biden’s history of questionable conduct around women, including the infamous hair-sniffing incidents involving both women and children. These instances have raised concerns, particularly among female voters, who find such behavior unsettling. Moreover, Biden’s initial refusal to acknowledge his granddaughter, fathered by Hunter Biden and a former stripper, has also raised eyebrows.

As the conversation unfolded, Brown delved deeper into his assessment of Biden’s overall character, expressing his concerns about potential cognitive decline. He noted the president’s walking gait, mumbling speech, and sudden angry outbursts as signs that cannot be ignored. Brown lamented the current state of affairs, expressing a desire for better leadership for the nation.

A recent Harris Poll highlighted that Brown’s perspective is not isolated, with 43 percent of Democrats agreeing that Biden is displaying signs of being too old for the presidential role. A co-efficient poll conducted by NHJournal further revealed that a significant portion of Granite Staters believe that a presidential candidate aged 75 or older is unfit for office. Despite attempts to downplay the incident, Brown’s account remains a crucial piece of the ongoing discourse surrounding Joe Biden’s suitability for the presidency.


Joe Biden being creepy

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