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Donald Trump Vows to Prosecute Biden if Elected, Calls Him ‘Corrupt’

In a fiery speech to an audience in Alabama, former US President Donald Trump declared that if he is elected back to the White House in 2024, he will waste no time in investigating the alleged wrongdoings of the “Biden crime family.” Speaking at a fundraising event in Montgomery, Trump promised to appoint a special prosecutor on his “first day in office” to delve into potential illegal activities by President Joe Biden and his associates.

“On Election Day 2024, we are going to evict crooked Joe Biden from the White House. We are going to expel the criminals and thugs from the halls of power in Washington,” Trump asserted, receiving enthusiastic applause from the crowd.

The 77-year-old former president, who has recently faced a series of indictments and criminal investigations, further claimed that the “fake charges” brought against him amounted to “election interference.”

Trump is currently facing a wide range of legal challenges, including charges brought by Special Counsel Jack Smith in connection to the January 6, 2021 riots at the US Capitol. Simultaneous probes related to classified document withholding and financial fraud have also been initiated against him. Despite the mounting legal pressure, Trump has denied all claims of wrongdoing.

While Trump did not delve into the specifics of the criminal activity he associates with the Bidens, these allegations are believed to be related to the Hunter Biden-Burisma Holdings controversy. Trump accuses the Biden family of profiting improperly from their dealings with the Ukrainian natural gas company. The Bidens, however, have consistently denied any illegal involvement with Ukraine or China.

The former president’s speech in Montgomery reaffirmed his strong belief that the “tables must turn,” as he vows to “destroy the Deep State” upon returning to the Oval Office.

As polling indicates Trump’s position as the leading candidate for the Republican Party’s presidential nomination next year, his promise to investigate the Bidens signals a fierce political battle in the upcoming elections. Trump’s strong words reflect a deeply divided political landscape and set the stage for an intense electoral showdown in 2024.

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