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Donald Trump’s criminal hush money trial is delayed by just 20 days: report

Donald Trump sought dismissal of the criminal hush money case brought against him, but instead he got only a delay of trial for 20 days.

The delay stems from a stash of documents recently revealed in the case. They are expected to be related to a case involving Trump’s former attorney and fixer Michael Cohen, a key witness for the prosecution,

The prosecution in the case affirmed it would accept a 30-day delay due to the additional records, and Trump requested the Trump be tossed entirely or delayed for 90 days instead of the offered 30.

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But the judge had another idea in mind.

Instead of granting Trump’s request, or giving a 30-day delay from the March 25 trial date, the judge ordered a delay of 30 days from the date of the letter, which is marked as March 15. That’s 10 days before the scheduled trial in that case.

“Breaking: Donald Trump’s hush money trial is DELAYED by 30 days, Justice Juan Merchan rules,” Frank G. Runyeon of Law360 reported Friday. He then added a correction to that:

“Clarification: judge delays trial proceedings for 30 days from today. Another words, we’re looking at ~April 15 it seems.”

You can read the judge’s letter right here.

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