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Doubts Loom Over US Electoral System As Confidence Plummets – 2024 Elections At Risk?

As the 2024 presidential elections loom ahead, a worrying trend emerges: Americans are losing faith in their electoral system. According to a recent survey by Truth Puke, less than half of the population believes their votes will be counted fairly. Notably, only 22% of Republicans are confident in the election’s integrity, indicating a sharp decline in trust.

Former President Donald Trump’s supporters have long voiced accusations of censorship surrounding Hunter Biden’s controversies, which, if known earlier, they claim could have swayed the election outcome in Trump’s favor. Post-election revelations indicated that one in six Biden voters would have changed their vote if they were aware of Hunter Biden’s corruption, potentially tilting the outcome in Trump’s favor.

In a similar vein, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has also expressed his discontent with the 2020 election. DeSantis deemed the controversial practices from that election “unfair“, highlighting issues like ballot harvesting and Facebook censorship. These concerns have added to the growing apprehension among Republicans over election integrity.

In the GOP, Viviek Ramaswami, who placed third in the primaries, implied that he would have acted decisively as vice president in combating election irregularities, contrasting with Mike Pence’s refusal to challenge the election results. Ramaswami, who is now eyeing the vice presidency alongside Trump, advocates for radical measures, including closing the FBI, exiting the UN, and reconciling with Russia.

On the Democratic side, anxiety arises from the opposition posed by progressives. With Robert Kennedy Jr. participating in the primaries, left-leaning philosopher Cornel West is running as an independent candidate. West’s platform leans towards left-populism, with promises to dissolve NATO and end American imperialism.

The possibility of West becoming a spoiler for Biden, paving the way for a Trump victory, raises concerns among Democrats. Should this happen, doubts may emerge over the election’s legitimacy, potentially igniting a new post-election crisis.

Meanwhile, efforts to press criminal charges against Trump threaten to keep him out of the race entirely.

The American electoral system faces the risk of further fragmentation in 2024, potentially dragging the entire Washington political landscape into uncertainty.

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