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Driver Intentionally Plows SUV Into Migrants Killing Seven [VIDEO]

On May 7, 2023, seven people were killed and at least ten more injured when a driver allegedly intentionally plowed his Range Rover SUV into a group of pedestrians waiting for a bus outside a migrant and homeless center in Brownsville, Texas.

The driver has been arrested for reckless driving, but police have suggested that further charges will likely be filed. Brownsville Police Lt. Martin Sandoval told local media that the collision appears to have been intentional. Video of the incident shows the vehicle speeding up as it veers onto the sidewalk, striking pedestrians who were unable to get out of the way. The vehicle then flips over sending bodies flying in every direction.

The victims were identified as migrants who sheltered overnight at the Ozanam Center. Despite some initial reports labeling it as a “hate crime,” early reports indicate that the driver, who is Hispanic, may have been motivated by reasons other than xenophobia.

Brownsville is a well-traveled stop for migrants coming north from Mexico, and this incident is a tragic reminder of the vulnerability of migrants and homeless individuals who often lack proper protection and support in society. It also highlights the need for more comprehensive policies and measures to ensure their safety and well-being. The driver’s intention to target and harm these individuals further underscores the urgency of addressing hate crimes and bigotry in all its forms. The investigation is ongoing, and more details will likely emerge in the coming days and weeks.


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