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Dubai Marks End Of Fasting With Traditional Firing Of Ramadan Cannons

Ramadan cannons are a tradition that has been followed for centuries in various parts of the Islamic world, including Dubai. The cannons are fired at sunset to signal the end of the daily fast during the holy month of Ramadan, which is observed by Muslims worldwide. In Dubai, the tradition of firing cannons dates back to the early 1960s and has been observed every year since then.

The cannons are usually placed on the rooftops of prominent buildings in the city, and the firing is done manually by trained personnel. The cannon is a large metal tube that is filled with gunpowder and fired using a fuse. When the fuse is lit, it creates a loud boom that can be heard for miles around. The firing of the cannons is often accompanied by other traditional activities, such as the recitation of prayers and the distribution of food and drinks to those who have been fasting.

The cannons are not only a means of marking the end of the daily fast, but they also serve as a symbol of unity and tradition in the Islamic world. The tradition of firing cannons during Ramadan is believed to have originated in the Ottoman Empire, where cannons were used to signal the time for breaking the fast during the holy month.

In Dubai, the firing of the Ramadan cannons is an important part of the city’s cultural heritage and is cherished by locals and visitors alike. The event draws large crowds of people who gather to witness the firing and take part in the festivities that follow. The cannons are also seen as a symbol of the city’s commitment to preserving its cultural traditions and passing them on to future generations.

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