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E. Jean Carroll Amplifies Defamation Case With Trump’s Post-Verdict Remarks

E. Jean Carroll has filed court papers, demanding a significant sum in monetary damages from Trump after he mentioned her during a CNN town hall. This alleged scheme comes on the heels of Carroll’s recent victory in a $5 million lawsuit against the former president.

Carroll’s demand for a staggering $10 million in damages has prompted her to request permission to modify her defamation lawsuit.

In the defamation lawsuit filed in 2022, a jury held Trump accountable for sexual abuse and defamation, prompting his lawyer to appeal the verdict.

Carroll alleges that Trump raped her in the mid-1990s, an accusation he vehemently denies, insisting that Carroll fabricated the story solely for personal gain.

Carroll’s proposed amendment contends that Trump falsely refuted the sexual abuse allegations during the CNN town hall, dismissing them as a product of a “fake” and “made-up story” from someone he considers mentally unstable. Trump’s comments trivialize the severity of the alleged assault while casting doubt on Carroll’s character.

Highlighting the extensive viewership of the CNN broadcast, Carroll’s legal team emphasizes the audience’s laughter and applause in response to Trump’s remarks. They also present various Twitter posts echoing Trump’s statements as additional evidence.

The proposed amendment argues that Trump intentionally used a nationwide platform to belittle and mock Carroll, thereby undermining the gravity of the alleged assault. As a result, they seek substantial punitive damages as a means of both retribution and deterrence.

Granting Carroll permission to amend her lawsuit adds another layer of complexity to Trump’s mounting legal challenges. Carroll initially made her accusations public in a 2019 article in New York magazine, which ultimately led to her filing the initial defamation lawsuit.

Following an unsuccessful attempt by the Department of Justice to substitute Trump as the defendant, the lawsuit was transferred to federal court. The ongoing appeals process has kept the case unresolved.

Taking advantage of a new New York state law that extended the time frame for filing sexual assault cases, Carroll launched her second lawsuit, this time alleging defamation. This claim references Trump’s prior statements, where he dismissively referred to her allegations as a “con job.”

The drama surrounding these legal battles is further fueled by Trump’s pursuit of the 2024 Republican presidential nomination. Throughout this tumultuous journey, Trump vehemently denies all accusations against him and maintains his innocence.

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