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Education Crisis: Baltimore Schools Embroiled In Grade-Rigging Scandal Amid Academic Decline

In a shocking turn of events, Baltimore’s education system is embroiled in a widespread corruption scandal, further exacerbating the already dire education crisis sweeping across the nation.

Local schools have been accused of artificially inflating student grades, particularly for those who hardly attended classes, in order to secure additional funding.

This scandal comes at a time when the pandemic and the shift to remote learning have dealt a severe blow to American education, resulting in a significant decline in literacy and math proficiency scores over the past two years.

Recent data reveals that the impact of the crisis is especially pronounced among fourth and eighth-grade students, with only 36% of American fourth-graders managing to pass math tests in 2022, while just 26% of their eighth-grade counterparts achieved the same feat. The crisis has also intensified the issue of chronic absenteeism, with over a quarter of students skipping classes—a dramatic increase from the pre-pandemic rate of 15%. In some states like Alaska and New Mexico, school absenteeism has soared to nearly half of all students.

The situation is particularly dire in predominantly African-American schools in Baltimore, where education struggles were prevalent even before the pandemic. Post-pandemic, the situation has deteriorated even further, with a staggering 93% of students from city schools failing math tests. Alarmingly, in 23 of these schools, not a single student managed to pass the math tests. In response, education officials have been forced to manipulate records, concealing truancy data and pretending that students are successfully progressing in their studies.

As the quality of education continues to plummet, educational expenditure keeps climbing year after year. In Baltimore alone, a staggering $1.6 billion is allocated to education annually, yet academic achievement continues to decline.

The situation is exacerbated by controversies surrounding the imposition of LGBTQ+ agendas and race-gender theories in elementary schools.

Consequently, the state of school education is projected to deteriorate further, highlighting a profound systemic crisis within American society. The education crisis in Baltimore serves as a poignant symptom of this widespread predicament, demanding urgent attention and reform to salvage the future of American students.

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