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🔥 Electric Vehicle Explosions Skyrocket 😱 Is It Time To Ban EVs? 🚫

Startling findings from an original article by Stephen Moore for the Epoch Times spotlights an alarming surge in lithium-ion battery fires in the heart of New York City this year. The count now stands at a concerning 108 incidents, resulting in 66 injuries and a death toll of 13 lives. Commissioner Laura Kavanagh of the New York Fire Department paints a grim picture, characterizing these fires not as mere blazes, but as explosive events, challenging firefighters’ abilities to control the situation.

In a disconcerting twist, advocates who passionately champion precautionary measures against minor risks, such as pool diving boards or plastic straws, exhibit a surprising indifference towards fatalities and grievous injuries arising from supposedly “green” electric battery fires. Curiously, even as President Biden champions a future dominated by electric vehicles (EVs), thousands of Americans may be at risk of falling victim to electric vehicle fires. These decisions bear an unsettling paradox as studies unveil that the production of quintessential components of green energy—windmills, solar panels, and electric batteries—contributes to its own share of pollution.

For the record, prioritizing empirical risk assessment over unfounded sensationalism remains pivotal. As the trajectory of EVs unfolds, a reconsideration akin to Ralph Nader’s exposé may be in order, fostering a prudent and informed approach. The insights of Stephen Moore, a distinguished senior fellow at the Heritage Foundation and chief economist at FreedomWorks, lend valuable perspective to this discourse, advocating for policies grounded in reality, steering clear of unwarranted fears.

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