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Elon Musk Hilariously Labels CBC as “69% Government-Funded”

In a move that caused a stir on social media, Twitter’s chief Elon Musk has given the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation a new label, dubbing it “69% government-funded.” The CBC had initially been tagged as “government-funded media,” a label that Twitter applies to media outlets with varying degrees of government involvement in editorial content. The CBC was not amused, and suspended its Twitter activity in protest, saying the label “undermines the accuracy and professionalism” of its journalists’ work.

Being the master of accuracy and precision, Elon Musk then couldn’t resist a good old-fashioned fact check. After a report came out that the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation receives 70% of its funding from the state, he promptly changed their Twitter tag to “70% government-funded,” just to make sure everyone was on the same page. However, it seems the CBC wasn’t too pleased with this designation and informed Musk that they were actually “less than 70% government-funded.” Always eager to please, Musk promptly updated the label to reflect their correction changing the tag to “69% government-funded media”.

The billionaire’s penchant for juvenile humor is well-known, as he has been known to make references to the numbers 69 and 420 in his Twitter posts, which refer to oral sex and smoking cannabis, respectively.

Regardless, Western state media outlets have not been happy with Musk’s insistence on labeling them in a similar way to their non-Western counterparts. Prior to Musk’s involvement, Twitter had only applied the “state-affiliated media” tag to non-Western outlets such as Russia’s RT and China’s CGTN. Although Musk has recently labeled outlets such as the BBC, ABC, and NPR as “government-funded,” Russian, Chinese, and other non-Western news sources continue to be labeled as “state-affiliated media.”


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