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Europe To Tighten Control Over Big Tech

TRUTH PUKE’S TAKE: The European Union’s new Digital Services Act (DSA) has implemented stricter controls and monitoring of Big Tech giants, including Apple, Amazon, Facebook, and Google. The DSA enables regulators to police content to reduce harmful comments and set rules for the use of artificial intelligence.

The listed companies will have to comply with rules under the DSA umbrella, such as giving internet users information on why they are being recommended certain websites and the possibility to opt-out. All ads on these platforms must include a label on who paid for them, and contracts with terms and conditions must have a summary in plain language and in the different languages of the countries they are operating.

Failure to implement these measures could lead to fines of up to 6% of the firm’s global turnover and, ultimately, a temporary ban from operating in the region.

While the new regulations seek to bring about stricter controls and tighter rules for tech giants in Europe, it remains to be seen how these companies will respond and adapt to the new requirements.


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