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Explosive Video Exposes Capitol Police Officer’s Alleged Lies About January 6 Injuries

In a recent investigation, journalist Julie Kelly has uncovered damning evidence that suggests Capitol Police Officer Aquilino Gonnell lied ‘repeatedly’ about the injuries he sustained during the January 6, 2021 riot at the Capitol. Gonnell, who retired last December, cited the ‘trauma’ of the riot as the reason for his resignation, claiming he needed time off to heal both physically and mentally from the alleged injuries inflicted by rioters.

However, the newly surfaced video contradicts Gonnell’s claims, raising serious doubts about the veracity of his statements. The footage shows Gonnell apparently unharmed near the body of Rosanne Boyland after the protest and violence ended. His hands, shoulder, feet, and head show no sign of injury, despite his previous assertions of being “bleeding from both hands, [having] a maimed foot, hit on the head, sprayed with pepper and bear spray, beaten, punched, pushed, pulled, and assaulted by many other rioters as they try to gain entrance.” This evidence suggests that Gonnell may have vastly exaggerated or even lied about the extent of his injuries and the need for surgery and medical leave.

Furthermore, Gonnell’s credibility comes into question as he allegedly lied not only to Congress and federal judges in “victim impact” statements but also during media interviews and on social media about his experience during the riot. Julie Kelly’s investigation raises serious concerns about the honesty and integrity of Officer Aquilino Gonnell and calls for further scrutiny into his statements and actions surrounding the January 6 incident.

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