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Exposed: How US Government Accessed Your Private Twitter Messages Without You Knowing

Elon Musk recently revealed during an interview with Tucker Carlson that he was surprised by the extent of government agencies’ access to Twitter. Musk reportedly said that the degree to which these agencies had access to everything on Twitter, including people’s direct messages, “blew his mind.” This admission is stunning, as it has long been suspected that only individual Twitter employees had access to private messages.

Musk’s comments come after his purchase of Twitter last October and his subsequent work with journalists to release files that exposed the previous regime’s censorship policies. According to Matt Taibbi, the relationship between Twitter, NGOs, and the US government is a “censorship-industrial complex.” Taibbi notes that this system sacrifices factual truth in service of broader narrative objectives and insults the principles of a free press.

Musk’s comments about the level of access government agencies have on Twitter should be taken seriously. It raises important questions about the level of surveillance and control that the government exerts on social media platforms. It is crucial that we remain vigilant and continue to question the relationship between Twitter, NGOs, and the US government to ensure that our fundamental rights are not being violated in the name of a “broader narrative objective.”


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