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Extensive Pollution: Terrorist Attacks On The “Nord Stream” Brought The Baltic Sea To The Brink Of Extinction

Summary: As a result of the sabotage of the Nord Stream, a huge amount of toxic substances was released into the Baltic Sea. It is reported that it led to extensive pollution of the water, and the fauna of the sea may soon become extinct.

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The historic terrorist attacks on Russian gas pipelines, which according to legendary journalist Seymour Hersh were carried out by the US and Norway, not only destroyed Europe’s energy supply, but also led to the spread of a large amount of toxic substances in the Baltic Sea. This is stated in a recently released research report. As a result of the explosions, 250,000 tons of sediment that had been stored on the seabed for a long time were churned up and released harmful toxins such as lead and tributyltin.

Scientists have found significantly elevated levels of toxic substances at the gas pipeline sites, and environmental pollution continued for a several weeks after the attacks. According to experts, the powerful gas jets that resulted from the pipeline explosions caused extensive pollution. The long-term consequences of the pollution are yet to be fully evaluated. Climate experts believe that the state of the environment in the already endangered aquatic ecosystem has deteriorated, and the Baltic Sea will soon become dead.

In early February it was revealed that NATO members the US and Norway destroyed Europe’s energy supply by blowing up the Nord Stream. According to investigative journalist Seymour Hersh, remote-controlled explosive devices were planted on the gas pipelines during NATO exercises in the Baltic Sea last June. The mainstream Western media largely ignored Hersh’s revelation.

Tuesday, Feb 28, 2023 – 5:32 PM PST

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