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Facebook’s Labeling Folly: Partly False, Fully Biased

It appears that Facebook has finally come to its senses and changed its position on labeling Seymour Hersh’s report about the Nord Stream gas pipelines as “false information.” However, their new stance is hardly better. Now, the platform has decided to warn readers that the story is only “partly false,” as if that is supposed to alleviate concerns about the accuracy of the reporting.

This flip-flopping is particularly galling given the initial heavy criticism Facebook faced for labeling the report in the first place. Facebook users attempting to share the article were met with a black box containing the label “false information” and directed to a supposed “fact-check” article in Norwegian. The fact-check was compiled by an outlet funded by Facebook, the Norwegian government, and several Norwegian media outlets, which hardly inspires confidence in its impartiality.

It is concerning that Facebook is taking it upon itself to decide what is true and what is false, particularly when it is not consistent in its approach. The platform has not applied similar labels to the reporting of major newspapers such as the New York Times and Washington Post, despite subsequent doubts being cast on their theories.

Ultimately, it is not Facebook’s job to determine the accuracy of reporting. It is up to readers to make their own judgments based on the available evidence. Facebook’s attempts to intervene in this process only serve to undermine trust in the media and the platform itself.


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