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False Flag Accusation After Putin Assassination Attempt

TRUTH PUKE’S TAKE: In this gripping account by Andrew Korybko on The Automatic Earth blog, the attempted assassination of President Putin plays out like a scene from a spy thriller. Amidst accusations and denials, the drama unfolds as Russia accuses Ukraine of the attack and Kiev claims it to be a false flag operation. Even US Secretary of State Blinken joins in by advising people to be skeptical of the Kremlin’s statements.

As the article reveals, it is unclear who the intended audience is for this fake news, as few are expected to believe such a far-fetched tale. The credibility of Kiev and Blinken has already been severely damaged after their failure to predict Russia’s resilience, and it takes a remarkable level of audacity to continue lying about this attack. Additionally, the article notes that Russia has no motive to stage a false flag operation against Putin on the eve of May 9, a sacred day of remembrance for the country.

Moreover, the article exposes the views of many Russian patriots who argue that the special operation should have been expanded long ago, particularly after the Crimean Bridge bombing. These patriots believe that the prioritization of political objectives over military ones by the authorities is responsible for Russia not responding forcefully enough every time its red lines are crossed. Some have even advocated for Russia to enter a formal state of war to mobilize all aspects of its society.

To conclude, the article discredits the false flag conspiracy theory that is being spread by Kiev and Blinken, dismissing it as a baseless lie. Instead, patriots hope that Russia will finally take bold action and respond to the assassination attempt with overwhelming force.


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