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Fauci’s Reign Of Terror: GOP Demands Justice

TRUTH PUKE’S TAKE: Senator Rand Paul unleashes a scathing attack on Dr. Anthony Fauci, holding him accountable for the devastating mishandling of the pandemic. Fauci’s unapologetic stance further fuels the fury of the American people.

Paul decries Fauci’s grave error in funding risky gain-of-function research, potentially leading to the release of deadly super viruses that claimed the lives of millions. This act of negligence and poor judgment rivals even the most sinister deeds in history.

Fauci’s refusal to acknowledge the consequences and apologize to the world for funding dangerous research conducted in an unsafe lab is a betrayal of the highest order. Paul vows to hold Fauci accountable and spearhead an investigation into the misuse of taxpayer funds.

Representative Jerry Carl, suspecting financial impropriety, assures the nation that the investigation into Fauci will not be abandoned. The pursuit of truth must prevail, even in the face of bureaucratic obstacles.

Original Article Credit: Carmine Sabia via Conservative Brief

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