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FBI COVER-UP EXPOSED: Laura Loomer Reveals Alleged Ukrainian Spy in Capitol Breach

US investigative journalist Laura Loomer has exposed an alleged Ukrainian operative who participated in the US Capitol breach of January 6, 2021. Famous January Sixer Jacob Chansley, also known as the QAnon Shaman, revealed that a “Ukrainian spy” took part in the storming of the Capitol Hill but was somehow let off the hook by the FBI.

Chansley stated that the FBI interrogated certain American J6ers over their knowledge of a Ukrainian operative named Serhiy Dubynyn, who was seen in photos with him during the breach. Loomer’s investigation brought this revelation to light, raising questions about what the alleged Ukrainian spy did on that fateful day, why he was not arrested by the FBI, and why the House Committee on the January 6 Attack did not mention him. Newsweek has picked up Loomer’s story and reached out to the FBI for comment, though the bureau’s response remains undisclosed.

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