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FBI Sabotages Elite Russian Spy Software

TRUTH PUKE’S TAKE: On Tuesday, US authorities announced that the FBI has successfully disabled a suite of malicious software used by elite Russian spies. FBI technical experts were able to identify and disable malware used by Russia’s FSB security service against an undisclosed number of American computers. This move is hoped to be a death blow to one of Russia’s leading cyber spying programs.

The malware, known as Snake, is a premier espionage tool used by the FSB, according to one US official. The hacking group behind the malware, Turla, has been active for two decades and is considered one of the most sophisticated hacking teams studied by the security research community. The U.S. government dubbed the disruption of Turla’s Snake malware “Operation Medusa.”

The FBI and its partners identified where the hacking tool had been deployed across the internet and built a unique software “payload” to disrupt the hackers’ infrastructure. The FBI relied on existing search warrant authorities to remotely access the Russian malicious program within victim networks in the U.S. without accessing the victim’s personal files.

This is a significant win for the US in the digital tug-of-war between two cyber superpowers.


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