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Flood of hate that hit Colorado election chief after bid to ban Trump from ballot revealed

Ever since she expressed support for the unsuccessful effort to keep Donald Trump off the state ballot for the 2024 election, Colorado’s Secretary of State has seen an escalation in violent online threats.

Jena Griswold was brought in as a co-defendant when a group of Colorado residents sued the state to keep Trump off the ballot. Since then, according to a report from Rolling Stone which analyzed data provided by her office, threats targeting her increased by more than 600 percent.

The case against Trump cited the 14th Amendment, which bars insurrectionists from holding office. The effort was rejected by the U.S. Supreme Court earlier this month.

“We are coming for you b—-,” one email to Griswold read.

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“If you have kids, I hope they get murdered by illegal aliens,” read another.

“I can’t wait to find you and follow you to your house and expose your address,” one person said in a voicemail.

“Take my advice and wear Kevlar… a lot of Kevlar!!!” one person told Griswold on social media.

According to Rolling Stone, threats from Trump supporters have “skyrocketed across the country,” many of them directed at election officials and inspired by Trump and his allies’ false claims of mass voter fraud in the 2020 election. Judges and prosecutors in Trump’s various criminal and civil trials have also been on the receiving end of threats, as well as lawmakers who oppose Trump.

“This Big Lie from 2020 has morphed into a Big Threat,” Griswold said.

“At the secretary of state level and local levels across the nation, we are seeing extreme threats to election administrators — which are really fueled by elected officials or prominent people like Donald Trump, who spread disinformation, repeat the Big Lie, [and] undermine confidence. … This is the new MAGA strategy: spread lies and disinformation, undermine faith in our elections, disenfranchise voters, and intimidate election workers.”

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