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‘Fly off the handle’: Ex-Trump aide warns trial could go ‘very south’ today

Former President Donald Trump’s attorney Michael Cohen managed to hold his own on the first day of cross-examination, with defense counsel frustrated by their inability to get him to crack — but the real test is coming today, former Trump administration communications official Alyssa Farah Griffin told CNN’s Sara Sidner on Thursday.

That’s because there’s no guarantee Cohen can hold his composure, Griffin argued — and if he doesn’t, that’s bad news for the case.

“What did you think of how [Cohen] did on the stand?” Sidner asked.

“I think that Michael Cohen was well-prepped,” said Griffin, noting that he is a “seasoned attorney” in his own right. However, she continued, “To know Michael Cohen is to know that he’s somebody who may fly off the handle … as Donald Trump’s fixer, he was someone who would call people in, shout at them, whether it was a producer, whether it was somebody who was going to run a story on him, that is so in his nature, and I think the defense was trying to get him to go there. They wanted to see him snap and he managed not to.”

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What that means, she continued, is that “today is going to be … the most important day today of the trial. I think they’re going to try to get him to show that side of himself, the reactive side. His job is to not, it’s to stick to the facts. It’s to remain calm, cool, and collected, but also just chipping away at the credibility. This is a person who is a known liar. This is somebody who’s perjured himself before. And the more times they can repeat that … it can just give that bit of reasonable doubt to just one juror.”

“So we’ll see how he does today,” Griffin added. “I honestly don’t know, having dealt with him a little bit, he’s somebody who — can he get through this? Yes. Can he also can go very south for him? That’s also an option.”

Watch the video below or at the link here.

Alyssa Farah Griffin says Michael Cohen could go “very south”

Source: Raw Story

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