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For Biden, Ukraine Trumps Hawaii – Ron Paul

As the United States grapples with unprecedented devastation caused by the Hawaii fires, President Joe Biden’s demand for an additional $24 billion in aid for Ukraine is raising concerns and sparking debate about the allocation of funds.

Former Texas congressman Ron Paul, a well-known libertarian figure, has weighed in, questioning the rationale behind pouring billions of dollars into a foreign conflict while domestic challenges loom large.

In his recent article, he highlighted the contradiction, saying, “It’s hard to justify $24 billion for Ukraine when the US is crumbling.” The US has spent over $120 billion on the “proxy war on Russia,” averaging $900 per American household. The question arises: Are these funds better used domestically?

Paul pointed out that even mainstream media acknowledges Ukraine’s struggle. Pouring money into a losing cause could lead to bankruptcy at home and more foreign casualties.

Hawaii’s recent disaster adds to the concerns. With 96 reported deaths and a historic town destroyed, the catastrophe has inflicted $6 billion in home damages.

Amidst this, Biden’s beach vacation and lack of plans to visit Hawaii raise eyebrows. Critics question the allocation of funds while pressing domestic issues demand attention.

As Biden seeks billions for Ukraine, public opinion grows louder: Is this spending justified as the US faces its own challenges?

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