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Former VP Mike Pence Claims National Media Is “Obsessed” With Trump Investigations

According to Pence, the national media’s focus on investigations of Trump is an “obsession,” while the American public is more concerned with economic issues such as inflation.

Earlier today, Former Vice President Mike Pence characterized the indictment of former President Trump as “nothing short of a political prosecution.”

During an interview at the National Review Institute’s Ideas Summit, Pence was asked whether he supports the idea of targeting Democratic politicians for campaign finance violations, in light of the situation with Trump. In response, he expressed his belief that the indictment of a former president for a campaign finance issue is unprecedented and unjust, and that it is a political prosecution being carried out by a Manhattan DA who campaigned on charging a specific individual. He emphasized that all Americans, regardless of their political views, should be offended by this and that everyone deserves equal treatment under the law. He argued that the solution is not to adopt the same tactics as those being used against Trump but to recommit to the foundations of the rule of law outlined in the US Constitution.

Additionally, Pence asserted that the American people are more concerned about economic issues like inflation than they are about investigations into Trump.

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