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Founder Of Oath Keepers Receives Staggering 18-Year Sentence In Capitol Attack Case

In a development that has ignited heated debate, Stewart Rhodes, the founder of the conservative group Oath Keepers, has been handed a lengthy 18-year prison sentence for his alleged role in the January 6 attack on the Capitol. This sentence, which stands as the longest among defendants associated with the incident so far, has raised concerns among supporters of Rhodes, who argue that the punishment is excessive and politically motivated. Rhodes, addressing the court prior to his sentencing, referred to himself as a “political prisoner” and clarified that his recent mention of “regime change” was a reference to his hope that former President Donald Trump would win the 2024 election.

Disputing the notion that Rhodes’ imprisonment was driven by political considerations, Judge Amit Mehta emphasized that it was the defendant’s actions leading to his criminal convictions, rather than his beliefs or support for any particular candidate, that warranted the sentence. Mehta delivered a stern rebuke, characterizing Rhodes as an ongoing threat and peril to the country, the republic, and the very fabric of democracy.

Rhodes, along with fellow Oath Keepers member Kelly Meggs, was convicted of seditious conspiracy in November. Prior to the January 6 attack, Rhodes had written, “They won’t fear us until we come with rifles in hand,” and in a recorded statement played during the trial, he expressed regret that firearms were not brought to the event.

In his defense, Rhodes, clad in an orange prison jumpsuit, asserted that his sole “crime” was opposing those whom he believed were “destroying our country.” Judge Mehta responded by reiterating that Rhodes’ conviction was based on the facts of the case and his actions before, during, and after January 6, rather than any political motivations.

During the same hearing, Kelly Meggs received a 12-year federal prison sentence. Judge Mehta justified the shorter term for Meggs by stating that he did not pose the same ongoing threat as Rhodes. Meggs, visibly emotional, extended apologies to his family for the pain he had caused, expressing deep regret for the suffering he had inflicted upon them.

The trial also involved Jessica Watkins, Kenneth Harrelson, and Thomas Caldwell, fellow Oath Keepers who were convicted of obstruction of an official proceeding and aiding and abetting, though not seditious conspiracy. Watkins and Harrelson are set to be sentenced on the following day.

While testifying in his defense, Rhodes distanced himself from the actions of other Oath Keepers who stormed the Capitol, asserting that they were “stupid” and clarifying that he did not support their decision to enter the building. However, the prosecution presented messages in which Rhodes indicated that he saw January 6 as a crucial moment to prevent what he perceived as a government takeover.

Reflecting on the immediate aftermath of the attack, Rhodes celebrated the actions of the Oath Keepers, mentioning a gathering with fellow members at an Olive Garden restaurant in Virginia. Rhodes wrote, “Patriots, it was a long day, but a day when patriots began to stand. Stand now or kneel forever. Honor your oaths. Remember your legacy.”

Before Rhodes’ sentencing, Peter Schwartz, who engaged in assaults on officers during the Capitol attack, received the longest prison term among January 6 defendants, serving just over 14 years. Schwartz had a significant criminal history, including 38 prior convictions.

As the legal repercussions unfold, Rhodes’ sentencing has sparked intense debate over the severity of punishment and the perceived political motivations behind it. This contentious case continues to shed light on the enduring impact of the January 6 incident and its implications for the individuals involved.

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