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Fox News’ Dirty Secrets: Bombshell Texts Reveal Shocking Hypocrisy Among Top Hosts

TRUTH PUKE’S TAKE: The Dominion lawsuit against Fox News has uncovered a trove of damning internal text messages that reveal a stark contrast between what the network’s hosts were saying behind closed doors and what they were telling their viewers. In the messages, Tucker Carlson, Laura Ingraham, and even Rupert Murdoch himself can be seen discussing their critical thoughts on Fox management, their opinions on the 2020 election fraud, and what they truly thought of Donald Trump.

Despite Fox’s public-facing coverage, the internal messages reveal that the hosts had their own opinions on the matter, often conflicting with the network’s official stance. The fact that Fox settled the case for $787.5 million just as the trial was getting underway is a clear indication that the network had something to hide.

The departure of Tucker Carlson, Fox’s biggest star, in the wake of the lawsuit only adds to the scandal. It begs the question of whether his departure is directly related to the revelations uncovered in the Dominion lawsuit. One thing is certain: the internal text messages paint a scathing picture of the lack of journalistic ethics and integrity at Fox News.


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