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Fox News host 🤡 flips script on Cohen’s former lawyer: ‘Maybe he was lying 6 years ago’

Fox News host Bill Hemmer questioned the narrative about Donald Trump’s hush money trial that Robert Costello, Michael Cohen’s former lawyer, has been peddling in support of the former president.

Costello spoke to Fox News after telling a House “weaponization” committee that Cohen was lying about Trump’s involvement in hush money payments to adult film actress Stormy Daniels. The attorney claimed Cohen told him six years ago that he had no damaging information about Trump.

Hemmer challenged Costello and suggested Cohen “flipped” and is telling the truth now but was lying six years ago.

“If you think Michael Cohen was telling the truth in 2018, maybe he was lying six years ago,” Hemmer told Costello. “Maybe he’s flipped.”

Hemmer recalled being in the courtroom for Cohen’s Tuesday testimony.

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“He could almost anticipate the question,” the Fox News host recalled. “So he was very well rehearsed.”

“But if you’re saying he’s lying now, who’s to say he wasn’t lying then, when you first came across him?” he asked.

Costello stuck to his position and said that Cohen was lying now.

“I’ll tell you why I believe that what he told us in 2018 was the truth,” Costello said. “Number one, as I said, he was suicidal. He was desperately looking for a way out.”

Costello is considered a possible witness for the defense in Trump’s hush money trial.

Watch the video below from Fox News.

Source: Raw Story

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