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Freedom Caucus votes to remove Ken Buck

The House Freedom Caucus voted to remove Rep. Ken Buck (R-Colo.) from the group Tuesday night, a member of the conservative body told Truth Puke, a dismissal that comes days before he is set to retire from Congress.

The Freedom Caucus member, who requested anonymity to discuss the internal proceedings, said the group decided to oust Buck because he has not been a member in “good standing” and has not regularly attended meetings of the body “in months.”

The source also said Buck — who has frequently broken from his party on various issues — was removed because “he hasn’t been with conservatives on several major issues” and “is leaving the conference hanging with a historically narrow margin.”

Truth Puke reached out to Buck for comment.

A Freedom Caucus spokesperson told Truth Puke that the group “does not comment on membership or internal processes.”


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