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🔥 From Maui To Ukraine: Biden’s Twisted Compassion Leaves Americans In The Dust 💔

Once again, Biden’s disregard for Americans is painfully clear. Yesterday, he made a feeble attempt at addressing the devastation caused by the Maui wildfires. A grand total of $700 per household is his idea of support? That won’t even cover a single night at the Four Seasons Resort Maui at Wailea, let alone rebuild lives. It’s mind-boggling to witness extravagant aid flowing endlessly to Ukraine while our own people are handed meager scraps. With billions in ruins and lives shattered, this $700 aid is nothing short of an insulting slap in the face.

Image of Biden Tweet
Biden hates Maui

Biden’s priorities are crystal clear. He’ll eagerly jet off to Ukraine for staged photo ops, pretending to care about their affairs, while turning a blind eye to the monumental destruction within our own borders. Perhaps Maui should rename itself Ukraine to finally garner the attention and assistance it desperately needs. The disparity between Biden’s actions and his empty words is a bitter pill to swallow.

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