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From Silicon Valley to Wall Street: JPMorgan Warns of Economic Downturn

JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon has expressed concerns that the recent banking crisis, triggered by the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank (SVB), has increased the likelihood of an economic downturn in the US. Dimon noted that lenders are now tightening credit, which could have a recessionary effect on the economy.

During an interview with CNN, Dimon revealed that there has been a reduction in lending, as well as a pullback from some lenders. While he noted that the turmoil within the industry may not necessarily cause a recession, he believes that it is recessionary.

In his annual letter to shareholders, Dimon reiterated that the crisis is far from over and will continue to impact the market for years to come. He explained that this turn of events has significantly altered the market’s expectations, resulting in bond prices recovering dramatically, the stock market dropping, and the odds of a recession increasing.

Dimon also stated that the recent crisis has provoked “jitters” in the market and will cause some tightening of financial conditions, as banks and other lenders become more conservative.

At the beginning of March, SVB and Signature Bank failed within days due to significant deposit withdrawals. To prevent the failure of another US bank, First Republic received a $30-billion rescue package from JPMorgan and other top Wall Street banks in the form of deposits. However, the contagion quickly spread to Europe, where Credit Suisse faced similar troubles and was ultimately taken over by rival UBS in a deal brokered by the country’s central bank.

In light of recent events, Dimon has called for more regulation in the financial sector. He believes that policymakers need to be more cautious about pushing financial services to nonbanks and so-called shadow banks.


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