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FTC’s Shocking Assault On Twitter Unleashed: Democrats, Elon Musk, And Censorship Collide In Explosive Showdown

In a recent article published by ZeroHedge, it has been highlighted that since Elon Musk’s intention to take ownership of Twitter became apparent, Democrats and the mainstream media have been advocating for government intervention against the platform. While the Democrats enjoyed a clear advantage in the handling of Twitter’s Terms of Service and censorship, the extent of government agencies’ involvement in such practices remained hidden from the public.

Conservatives and moderates who dared to challenge establishment narratives faced disproportionate censorship and bans on Twitter, particularly regarding discussions surrounding Hunter Biden’s laptop, the January 6th protests, and COVID-19 origins, which were conveniently labeled as “conspiracy theories.”

The release of the Twitter Files shed light on the deep entanglement between government agencies and Twitter, with regular interactions between officials and Trust and Safety heads aimed at manipulating public discourse on various issues. Shockingly, the FBI even paid millions to Twitter for processing censorship requests, highlighting the unconstitutional collusion between leftist governments and social media giants to suppress free speech. Despite the damning evidence, no accountability has been enforced, and the media has engaged in a propaganda campaign to sow doubt about the files’ validity.

The ongoing harassment and investigations by the FTC towards Twitter, under Elon Musk’s control, can be attributed to the establishment’s animosity towards an independent Twitter platform. Previously acting as a “Ministry of Truth” at the behest of power brokers, Twitter is now under attack since it no longer serves their interests. FTC head Lina Khan’s denial of their overt pressure on Musk is far from convincing. Representative Jim Jordan suggests that the government intrusion into Twitter appears to be a targeted effort to suppress Musk’s intention of promoting free speech and reducing censorship.

Khan, accused of extreme partisanship favoring the Democratic Party and disregarding the rule of law, has centralized power in a manner influenced by political maneuvering rather than genuine privacy or national security concerns.

While Twitter still grapples with challenges such as interactions and foreign government interference, it has become a relatively freer platform for expression in recent times. Dismissing Twitter’s battle against the FTC as inconsequential would be a grave mistake. The rising intrusion of governments into speech platforms and the collusion between political and corporate leaders pose a significant threat to the foundations of a free society.

Without immediate intervention, our fundamental right to seek justice and hold the powerful accountable faces an ever-present and lasting peril.

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