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Gaetz Resolution To Force Biden To Reveal US Troops in Ukraine

TRUTH PUKE’S TAKE: US Congressman Matt Gaetz has introduced a resolution to demand that the Biden administration provides information about US military assistance to Ukraine and the number of US servicemembers present in the country.

The move follows the leak of classified documents from the Pentagon, which revealed that at least 29 Department of Defense personnel were in Ukraine last month, including 14 US special operations forces.

Gaetz’s resolution seeks to ensure transparency regarding any current or future plans for military aid to Ukraine and the deployment of US Armed Forces, including special operations forces, in Ukraine. The resolution’s “privileged” status means that Gaetz can make a motion to bring it up on the floor as “privileged business” if it is not reported within 14 days of its introduction.

The resolution aims to hold the administration accountable for the costs of the war in Ukraine, which has cost US taxpayers at least $113 billion since it began in February 2022. However, it is essential to thoroughly investigate the source and motive behind the leak of classified documents to prevent the release of sensitive information that could compromise national security.

While the resolution is a step towards transparency, it is not legally binding, and the situation in Ukraine requires a more comprehensive approach.


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