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Georgians Throw Stones, Petrol Bombs At Police In Protest Over New Law


The Georgian parliament gave preliminary approval to a draft law on “foreign agents” which critics claim reflects an authoritarian move. Thousands of protesters in Tbilisi’s capital city were dispersed by police using water cannon and tear gas. President Salome Zourabichvili has declared her support for the demonstrators and promised to veto the bill if it reaches her desk. Recent developments include American intelligence suggesting a pro-Ukrainian gang sabotaged the Nord Stream pipelines, more Ukrainian military forces claiming responsibility for raids on Russian territory, and the United Kingdom warning migrants who arrive by tiny boat that they will detain and deport them. A regulation targeting “foreign agents” has sparked demonstrations in Tbilisi, Georgia, with protesters waving Georgian, European Union, and American flags and yelling things like “No to the Russian bill” and “You are Russian”.

Many Georgians consider Russia as an enemy due to its support for rebels in Abkhazia and South Ossetia in the 1990s. Critics of the law have been labeled as enemies of the Georgian Orthodox Church, one of the country’s most revered and prominent organizations, by the ruling party. On Monday, members of parliament got into a physical altercation after a committee hearing on the proposal culminated in a brawl. Many outsiders have voiced concern that Georgia is becoming increasingly authoritarian under its current leadership.

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