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GOP candidate mocked after claiming Trump outplays pros on the golf course

A former adviser to Donald Trump who is running for a seat in the Georgia House of Representatives spoke at a recent Trump rally and offered some praise of the former President’s golf skills.

“I’m not sure if I should say this,” Brian Jack said during his speech. “But just a few weeks ago, President Trump put to shame two professional golfers. I ain’t gonna mention their names, but just know he shot a 70 on 18 holes.”

Jack gave no other information on the alleged accomplishment, causing some to wonder if he was being entirely truthful.

Columnist Joe DePaolo dismissed the claim altogether.

“The idea of Trump, at age 77, outplaying two current pros without receiving any type of advantage? Fore-get about it,” DePaolo wrote.

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One person on X said the claim had the “same vibes” as a North Korean PR person claiming that the late Kim Jong Il made 11 holes-in-one during his first round of golf ever.

“Trump and athlete should never be used in the same sentence,” One X user wrote.

“And yesterday I personally saw Trump defeat 5 wrestlers at the same time! And before that I pulled 3 drowning old women out of the sea!” a sarcastic X user wrote.

“Trump once defeated 12 ninjas in a single fight but they attacked him one at a time,” another wrote sarcastically.

Another X user said the claim brought to mind Rick Reilly’s 2019 book devoted to Trump’s love of golf called “Commander in Cheat.” In the book, Reilly wrote, “Trump doesn’t just cheat at golf. He cheats like a three-card Monte dealer.

““He throws it, boots it, and moves it. He lies about his lies. He fudges and foozles and fluffs.”

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