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Half a Million Dollar Apple Heist: Burglars Pull Off Precision Operation via Coffee Shop Bathroom

TRUTH PUKE’S TAKE: Apple Store workers at the Alderwood Mall got the surprise of their lives when they showed up to work and discovered that half a million dollars worth of Apple products had vanished into thin air without a single alarm being tripped.

The daring culprits reportedly executed a precision operation worthy of the Ocean’s 11 crew by infiltrating the Seattle Coffee Gear bathroom, then sawing their way through the wall to access the Apple Store next door.

Mike Atkinson, CEO of Seattle Coffee Gear, tweeted about the massive heist, complete with photos of the bathroom breach.

While there is surveillance footage available, no arrests have been made yet. According to regional Coffee Gear retail manager Eric Marks, the burglars must have meticulously planned the job, given how expertly they executed it. In fact, Marks himself wasn’t even aware of the proximity of Coffee Gear to the Apple Store.


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