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Hamburglar In The White House: Cocaine And Elusive Suspects

In a bizarre turn of events, according to Summit News, the Secret Service has closed its investigation into the mysterious cocaine found inside the White House without even talking to Hunter Biden, according to Senator Tom Cotton. During an interview with Fox News, Cotton expressed his disbelief, saying, “This is like if Hamburglar lived in the White House, all the hamburgers disappeared, and they said they didn’t have any suspects or know one they could question.” He further emphasized the need for a thorough investigation, suggesting drug tests for everyone entering the building. The baffling conclusion to this case has left many wondering if it’s just another Biden cover-up or a true display of the Secret Service’s ineptitude.

As the cocaine ‘investigation’ comes to a puzzling close, Donald Trump expressed his skepticism, firmly believing that the Secret Service knows exactly who the drugs belonged to. Refusing to accept their alleged incompetence, Trump stated, “I’ve gotten to know the Secret Service really well, and I can’t speak more highly of these people… I believe that they know everything.” Tucker Carlson even called the entire situation his “favorite story of all time,” as it seemingly sheds light on the behavior of the Biden administration. With more questions than answers, the White House cocaine mystery continues to captivate and perplex, leaving us to wonder what other surprises may be lurking within those hallowed walls.

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