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‘He got bit by the Liz Cheney bug’: Boebert disses retiring Ken Buck in his own district

Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) talked smack about a Trump-skeptic conservative from the Colorado Republican delegation at a recent gathering with voters in his own district.

According to the Colorado Sun, when a voter asked the far-right congresswoman, “What happened” to Rep. Ken Buck?” Boebert replied that “he got bit by the Liz Cheney bug.”

Her comment was a reference to another longtime conservative who went from fourth-in-command among House Republicans to being thrown out of her own party after she took on former President Donald Trump over January 6.

Buck, a nine-year veteran of Congress and a Freedom Caucus stalwart who criticized the effort to impeach President Joe Biden as aimless and free of evidence, is retiring from Congress — a move that he hastened Tuesday with an announcement that he will resign this month.

Boebert is fighting to replace him in Colorado’s 4th Congressional District.

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“Everywhere I go in Colorado … I hear that people are not happy with Trump, and they’re not happy with Biden. And I think we need to change our electoral laws here,” he said on CNN after announcing his imminent departure.

“And I have a passion for that. We’ve got to find better ways to elect candidates and bring America together.”

He added that he felt the GOP in Congress had a “personal” grudge against him, and then hit the body as “dysfunction” and mired in “bickering and nonsense.”

Boebert, who barely won re-election to her own district in 2022, has been surrounded by scandal following a public lewdness incident during a performance of “Beetlejuice.”

She responded by jumping ship to Buck’s even more conservative-leaning district, and is currently running in the primary to replace him. She has found the competition for the seat to be stronger than expected.

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