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‘He perjured himself’: Trump biographer says ex-president just did ‘the dumbest thing’

Donald Trump’s own biographer says the ex-president may have recently perjured himself.

Tim O’Brien, the author of Trump Nation: The Art of Being the Donald, appeared on Saturday on MSNBC’s Weekends With Alex Witt, where he was asked about Trump’s recent social media post that appears to contradict what he has argued before a judge in court.

“Is there reason to believe that he has the money, even if it contradicts his lawyer’s claims they struggling to secure a bond? Is it worth noting that he has not contributed his own money to his presidential campaign since 2016?” the host asked.

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“Alex, these are all such good points,” O’Brien said. “I am shocked to discover that Donald Trump is not heeding his own lawyers’ advice. Let’s think of the trajectory of those statements that he has made over the last year about how much cash he has on hand.”

He continued:

“Under oath in a deposition a year ago he said, ‘I have $400 million in cash on hand and I am adding significant amounts of money to that total each month.’ Then when he got the massive judgment against him a year later, the $454 million court judgment, he suddenly said, ‘I do not have the money on hand.'”

What that means, according to O’Brien, is that “under oath, he was possibly lying, which means he perjured himself.”

“Or, he somehow blew through the stack of money over the last year. Or, it went somewhere else. He didn’t want to touch it perhaps and he wanted to lay it off on small donors. But he said he didn’t have it… he’s going to court to say ‘I need to catch a break because I don’t have the money.'”

Then, O’Brien says, Trump changed everything with an admission on social media.

“And then he takes to social media a day or two ago and says, ‘I have $500 million. I am really rich.’ From a legal standpoint, it is about the dumbest thing he could’ve done. Because the court now has two wonder about his truthfulness and his track record of statements he has made about the money. I think they will scrutinize it and hold him and his lawyers accountable for all of the variations of what he has been saying about what he has.”

Watch the full interview below or click the link.

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