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‘He wants to go after you, Kaitlan’: Ex-Trump aide gives CNN host ominous warning

Voters and political pundits should stop counting on a criminal case to bring down former President Donald Trump, former aide Anthony Scaramucci told CNN’s Kaitlan Collins on Thursday.

Rather, he added, we should all be more focused on the dangers awaiting democracy if Trump regains his old powers.

“Donald Trump became the first former U.S. president who had ever been indicted,” said Collins. “And now nearly a year later, he is the presumptive Republican nominee … and it’s not clear if voters are going to get to hear the evidence against him in any of those case before they decide if he should return to the White House.”

With that in mind, she said, turning to Scaramucci, who spent just 10 days as Trump’s director of communications before he was fired, “If none of this happens before the trial, what does that mean?”

“Well, I think you’ve got to take that as the status quo,” said Scaramucci, who became a sharp critic of the Trump administration. “I think any of those other things that could happen before the trial, particularly the documents case, where if you really read through that complaint, that’s where the most damning evidence is. If none of that happens, it’s a Trump vs Biden rematch.”

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And so everyone should look at the big picture of what that means, Scaramucci continued.

“What [Trump] said, what he did over the four years, what he’s saying now — he wants to go after you, Kaitlan,” he said.

“He’s made it very clear that anybody that he disagreed [with] … he wants to potentially threaten their FCC license. He said publicly he wants to persecute, using the Department of Justice, his political adversaries, and the list goes on and on. He’s courting with dictators. He wants to be part of the axis of autocracy with people like Vladimir Putin, and just to remind people Vladimir Putin is tied very closely to Iran now. So just think about what that means for the Middle East, because we know how transactional Donald Trump is.”

“I think we got to get off the cases,” he added. “We have the focus on Mr. Trump being the most un-American presidential nominee in U.S. history. And we have to go through the things that he’s saying he’s going to do as it relates to being un-American … I think if we do that, he’s going to lose the election.”

Watch the video below or at the link here.

Anthony Scaramucci says Trump will join the “axis of autocracy”

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