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‘He would crumble’: Kathy Griffin says what she wants to happen to Trump after violent pic

Kathy Griffin is speaking out after Donald Trump shared violent imagery showing President Joe Biden shot in the head and hog-tied in the back of a pick-up truck.

Griffin, an award-winning actress and comedian who received harsh criticism after her own violent imagery involving Trump when viral during his presidency, has been a topic of discussion since Trump shared the image, which has been referred to by some as a call for political violence against the president.

Trump critics have pointed out that, unlike Griffin, Trump is under criminal indictment and running for president.

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“I am not sure it is important to differentiate Kathy Griffin’s mask wearing from Trump’s effigy post (they both are heinous), but if I were to, I would start with only the latter is out on bail on 4 criminal cases, and has a [standard] bail condition that he not engage in a crime,” Andrew Weissmann, who was one of special counsel Robert Mueller’s top deputies in the 2016 election investigation, wrote on social media.

But now, Griffin herself has weighed in.

“I would like Donald Trump to be put through what I was put through by him,” she said on Threads. “He would crumble.”

She then continued.

“Absolutely crumble. I, on the other hand, am in the middle of a FORTY city tour and will be playing Carnegie Hall in the fall.”

Griffin noted that she was “extremely grateful” to be “finally coming out the other end of all that b——-.”

“Because that’s what it was. It was b——-.”

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