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Henry Kissinger Urges Peaceful Coexistence Between US And China, Calls For Improved Relations

Former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger has emphasized the need for peaceful coexistence between the United States and China, urging both nations to eliminate misunderstandings and avoid confrontation. Kissinger, who recently turned 100, traveled to China where he met with Defense Minister Li Shangfu on Tuesday.

During their meeting, Kissinger conveyed his message of improved relations, stating, “The United States and China should eliminate misunderstandings, coexist peacefully, and avoid confrontation. History and practice have continually proved that neither the United States nor China can afford to treat the other as an adversary,” as quoted by the state-run Xinhua news agency.

Highlighting the importance of wisdom and collaboration, Kissinger urged both sides to work together diligently in order to enhance relations and maintain global peace and stability.

Responding to Kissinger’s call, Defense Minister Li described the current state of US-China relations as being at a low point since their establishment. He attributed this to some individuals within the US failing to align their interests with those of China.

Li reaffirmed China’s commitment to fostering stable and constructive relations with the United States based on President Xi Jinping’s “three principles” formula, which emphasizes mutual respect, peaceful coexistence, and win-win cooperation.

Henry Kissinger, renowned for his efforts in ending the Cold War, served as Secretary of State and national security advisor to US presidents Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford. His controversial role in the Vietnam War and the normalization of relations with China in the 1970s aimed to create a divide between China and the Soviet Union during the Cold War. This trip to Beijing follows visits by several senior US officials, including Secretary of State Antony Blinken and Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen.

While President Joe Biden’s administration has repeatedly stated that it does not seek confrontation with China, recent actions, such as the supply of weapons to Taiwan and the strengthening of military alliances in the Asia-Pacific region, have raised concerns.

At the NATO summit in Vilnius last week, China was accused of pursuing “coercive policies” that allegedly threatened the interests of the US-led bloc even in Europe. Beijing denounced the NATO statement as “slander” and a “smear,” accusing the alliance of being stuck in a Cold War mentality.

As global dynamics continue to evolve, the call for peaceful coexistence between the United States and China remains crucial. The discussions held between Kissinger and Li Shangfu contribute to the ongoing dialogue surrounding US-China relations and the pursuit of stability in the international arena.

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