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Here’s E. Jean Carroll’s ‘gracious’ response to Rep. Nancy Mace’s attacks on ABC

Columnist E. Jean Carroll, who was found by a jury to have been sexually assaulted and defamed by Donald Trump, had what one conservative attorney called a “gracious” response to Rep. Nancy Mace (R-SC)’s recent attacks against her.

Earlier in the day Sunday, Mace exploded at ABC host George Stephanopoulos after he asked why she supported Trump after he was found liable for sexual assault. In that interview, Mace also repeatedly attacked Carroll by saying the columnist made a mockery of rape and made it more difficult for survivors to come forward.

The internet waited for Carroll to finally reply.

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When she did issue a response, it didn’t disappoint.

First, she thanked Stephanopoulos for repeatedly pushing back against Mace on air.

“Thank you, [Stephanopoulos] for valiantly defending me,” she wrote Sunday.

Then, she turned her attention toward the South Carolina lawmaker and potential vice presidential nominee pick for Trump.

“I wish Representative [Mace] well,” the columnist wrote. “And I salute all survivors for their strength, endurance, and holding on to their sanity.”

This led conservative lawyer and anti-Trump activist George Conway, who introduced Carroll to her attorney in the defamation case against Trump, to hail the response from Carroll.

“I can say utterly without equivocation that [Carroll] is one of the most gracious and forthright people I have ever met,” he said on Sunday. “And this is a perfect example of it.”

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