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Hersh Reveals Internal Strife: CIA vs. State Department Clash Over Ukraine

Renowned Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Seymour Hersh continues to unravel the intricacies of the ongoing clash within President Biden’s team, shedding light on an escalating internal power struggle between the CIA and the State Department concerning Ukraine’s complex dynamics. Hersh’s latest revelation underscores the intensifying undercurrents within Washington’s corridors of power, driven by the turmoil in Ukraine and the quest for accountability.

At the heart of this internal feud is CIA Director Bill Burns, a prominent realist within the White House. As the aftermath of Ukraine’s counteroffensive unfolds, Burns is working proactively to deflect any blame by asserting that the CIA had forewarned hawkish Secretary of State Antony Blinken of Ukraine’s impending defeat.

Central to the CIA’s modus operandi are multiple scenario analyses in their reports, which likely included a scenario of Ukrainian setbacks. However, despite potential contingencies, hawks within the Biden administration, including Blinken and Defense Secretary Austin, sanctioned the counteroffensive. As the consequences of this decision unfold, their positions and credibility are now hanging in the balance.

The turbulence also extends to National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan, whose ambitious efforts to orchestrate a summit in Saudi Arabia aimed to culminate the counteroffensive with a triumphant finale. However, as the counteroffensive’s anticipated victory failed to materialize, the summit fell apart. Known for his shifting viewpoints, oscillating between hawkish and realistic stances, Sullivan now finds himself in a delicate position.

In the midst of this power struggle, Burns emerges as a notable figure, seemingly unscathed by the internal turmoil. Speculations are rife that Burns may even be considered for a role as Secretary of State in the future. Currently, Blinken’s position appears relatively secure, despite multiple crises including the Afghan debacle and Ukraine’s setback, due to the fact that he remains actively enmeshed in the Biden family’s various controversial dealings, from Ukrainian Burisma to China. However, if Biden’s foreign policy landscape further stagnates, Blinken might be the sacrificial lamb, replaced by Burns to lead negotiations with Russia over Ukraine and China over Taiwan in a bid to recalibrate strained international relations.

As the internal clash reverberates within the Biden administration, it underscores the complexities of foreign policy decision-making. The ongoing tug-of-war between intelligence agencies and diplomatic channels raises questions about accountability, strategy, and the resilience of Biden’s team in the face of mounting challenges.

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