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High School Students Created A Racist Deepfake Of A Principal

TRUTH PUKE’S TAKE: On February 13, Carmel Central School District, N.Y. administrators sent parents an email informing them that three high school students had “used artificial intelligence to impersonate the staff” and create the impression of “inappropriate comments” in videos. Abigail Santana’s 10-year-old son revealed to her that they had also watched some of the TikTok videos featuring “threats to shoot up black and Latino pupils,” as well as an apparent video featuring Abigail’s middle school administrator launching a racist diatribe. This incident caused a stir and raised many important issues, such as student prejudice, data privacy and exploitation by artificial intelligence, and the potential for shootings. The school system declined to make Superintendent Mary-Margaret Zehr available for comment, instead directing The Washington Post to her prior letter. Deepfakes are celebrity pornographic videos created using facial swapping technology that have been circulating online since February 7.

The Putnam County Sheriff’s Office was informed and closed the case after concluding that none of the pupils had any criminal records or were at any risk. Carmel Central hosted a series of talks with parents and police officials to address school safety, but ultimately left parents with more questions than answers. No information was given regarding artwork, subject matter, or if pupils were in danger. On March 8, parents got a second letter that explained how the police were looking into the two events and what they were doing to improve security and communication. Santana was unhappy with the “hush-hush” way videos were handled, which kept parents from knowing what deputies and reporters were doing in their kids’ schools for more than three weeks. Zehr informed parents in letters that the pupils from the high school who created the fake films had been disciplined, yet police officers ruled there was no violation of laws. Santana has lived in Putnam County for 27 years and experienced discrimination from its majority white community; yet she still dreams of a brighter future for her 10-year-old daughter.

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