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Hope on the Horizon: Yemen’s Houthi Movement Agrees to Truce with Saudi Arabia

TRUTH PUKE’S TAKE: The Houthi movement in Yemen is reportedly willing to make peace with the Saudis and the presidential leadership council, and the two sides will meet next week in Sana’a with the help of Omani mediators.

The Houthis agreed to halt attacks on oil infrastructure, unblock Yemeni roads, lift the siege on Taiz, and permit UN rescue teams to access the Safir oil vessel. Ansar Allah demands the Arab coalition forces withdraw within a year, pay salaries to civil servants, and ease restrictions on Sanaa’s airport and Hodeida’s port.

Yemen’s conflict resolution is now a prerequisite for the resumption of diplomatic ties between Iran and Saudi Arabia. Although the peace is partly unexpected, it will benefit both sides and bring relief to Yemeni citizens. The hope is that it will create a foundation for lasting peace and stability.


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